Our Mission

We are Lovers of all things Vintage! and possess a strong desire to Share our findings with the World. We would love to establish ongoing relationships and hear stories of how much you loved your purchase. I am LaDonna and my husband is Mike...welcome to Magnolia Rustics.

We Love Vintage Figurines, Statues, Tins, Pottery, Porcelain, Pots, China, Bowls, Plates, Dishes, Cookie Jars, Bottles, Jars, Signs, Lamps, Paper, Trinket Boxes and much, much more!

Hey...did you know there are old architectural plans out there with information about the street you live on... wouldn't that be neat framed?

There is just something about vintage that stirs the imagination...the history of an item... how far has it traveled?  who were the previous owner(s)? what did the previous owner use it for? how long did they keep it? That is the appeal, mystery and intrigue of vintage and antiques!

I think everyone should own at least one vintage item. It adds character and uniqueness to any decor. So, we hope you find that special item that gives you a sense of nostalgia, evokes curiosity and/or makes you smile!

Happy Hunting!!

Oh wait...Thanks for stopping by:)